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Becoming an Antiracist Organization Capacity-building Series

January 20–May 14, 2021 | Zoom | Pacific time

This four-month virtual training series features over 40 learning experiences that examine six areas of organizational practice to de-center white dominant culture and support organizations to build inclusive and equitable outcomes.

Based on over 16 years of organizational consulting work, Be the Change Consulting has produced a comprehensive package to help organizational teams get the information, inspiration, and practical guidance they need to build a better workplace.

Plans for organizations can include:
Enrollment for 10-25 leaders in a leadership training series on designing antiracist organizational practices.
A survey tool to assess your organization on 14 dominant culture practices and plan antiracist pivots for specific examples.
Enrollment for up to 50 staff in 13 skill-building trainings on antiracist facilitation skills, supervision, and being an antiracist team-member.
18 resiliency sessions to prevent staff burnout.
Each session offers:
Research-based theory
Hands-on strategies
Experiential activities
Trauma-informed practices
Relational, healing-centered approach


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