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Sangita Kumar, Principal and Founder of Be the Change Consulting, answers commonly asked questions.


Each training session is 2.5 hours.  Each resiliency session is 45 minutes.

Each session will take place over ZOOM. An access link and code will be provided upon registration completion. If you need support with registration or accessing the sessions, please contact

Each training session will be offered twice. Once in the morning from 9:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Pacific and once in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific.

Each training session is offered twice. Each session will cover the same content and will be facilitated by the same trainer (subject to availability). If you loved the training and want to get some extra time exploring the topic, we invite you to attend the same session twice.

Any non-identity specific sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be posted within four weeks of the live training date.

We offer a cohort for leadership teams to amplify the idea that antiracist skill building often needs distance from the people we see and work with everyday. 

Imagine trying to clarify your examples of paternalism in a session with your boss. Awkward… Or imagine having a conversation to center Black experiences, but you only have two Black people on your staff. No bueno. 

Opening these sessions to people from different organizations allows for diverse voices, some designed safety in the anonymity of the space, and distance from replicating the existing power dynamics in your organization.

We designed this series to be accessible to organizations with small and large budgets. The Cohort gives you and your team access to a top-of-the-line experience at an affordable rate. The Designing Antiracist Organizational Practices Leadership Team cohort costs $10,000 for the four-part training session series in a cross-sector cohort.

Or, choose the Exclusive plan to have a cohort exclusive to your own leadership team for $35,000.

The work you do between sessions will help deepen your understanding. Leadership Teams will be provided a reflection guide after each training session, which should be worked on individually during the week after each training session. This individual reflection time can vary from 2-3 hours per person. 

Additionally, each leadership team should plan to dedicate some time to do the following actions after each training session:

  • Debrief what was learned together and decide on follow up actions. 
  • Send transparent communications to all staff.
  • Present staff with content learned from the sessions.
  • Survey staff for feedback.

Participants who attend several of the training sessions throughout this series will experience some overlap in the way we open each training or talk about dominant culture. But the skill building components in each training session is distinct and contextualized for the skill and/or organizational role (i.e. supervisor, facilitator, team member, leader) it is designed for. While there are some sessions that have similar elements, the content provided and skills learned in each training session are not designed to overlap.

Mix and match! Select from any of the tracks (except Designing Antiracist Organizational Practices) for a total of four trainings.

Don't forget: The 4x4 plan includes four resiliency sessions—choose any!

We recommend all staff take the training Narrating Our Journeys of Race and Culture. This session introduces foundational principles that our content is anchored in. It offers a framework for the pathway individuals travel to move from race-based oppression into multicultural liberation, and acknowledges how this path is different for white-bodied people versus Black, indigenous, and people of color. There are many nuances in identity along this journey. For example, anyone with mixed racial identities, or white-passing people who come from a lineage of oppression, holocaust or subjugation, experience a combination of both parts of the journey. 

In this training, we provide language, research, and frameworks to shed light on the complexities of this work. We believe this training also sheds light on why it is important for some parts of equity work to be done in race-based affinity groups.

We also recommend that each staff person take at least four skill building training sessions. You can invite each person to decide whether they wish to take a deeper dive into one section of the series or explore all parts of the series offerings, depending on their needs. Team leads could bring their teams together to look through the training descriptions and choose a few to attend together, to align language and expectations and hold time for reflection.

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