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Giving and Receiving Authentic Feedback

February 26, 2021 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm Pacific
Aminta, Russell, Jae, Sangita, Allison

Inviting, intuiting and receiving feedback is a critical muscle that an organization must develop in the journey towards Antiracism. Everyday racism persists because leaders are able to silence feedback that is constantly being sent by those with less positional power. Some ways they do this include minimizing the feedback itself (that complaint is unreasonable), making the feedback about an individual versus a systemic issue (if that person was on top of their work this wouldn’t be an issue), or becoming confused by the message (I don’t even understand what they were saying. It must not be important.). In this session we will review feedback your leadership team collected in session one, dig into generating examples and specifics of areas of opportunity, and designing transformative practices to test in the coming weeks.

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