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Becoming an Antiracist Board

April 9, 2021 9:30 am – 12:00 pm Pacific
Sangita Kumar, Ed Center
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Change is hard, but not changing is harder. Systems of oppression affect our Black, brown, and indigenous communities most.

Members of boards, governance committees, and community groups: It is time to take charge within our spheres of agency—our boards and organizations. We'll work together to examine where dominant culture seeps into your board culture.

Lean in to this moment to make the culture match your values. Join us for this specially designed training.

In this training, we will:

  • Ground in our bodies and acknowledge the role racial identity has played in the formation of our identities.
  • Unpack the layers between white supremacy, everyday racism, and antiracist transformative practices.
  • Use a series of guided questions to design transformative antiracist governance practices.
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