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Activate Awareness: Giving and Receiving Feedback

March 24, 2021 9:30 am – 12:00 pm Pacific
Rooben Morgan, Jenjii

Inviting, intuiting and receiving feedback is a critical muscle that an organization must develop in the journey towards Antiracism. Everyday racism persists because feedback from those with less positional power can be minimized or side-stepped. At the same time, feedback is necessary for all, regardless of positionality, to grow and develop skills.

In the first half of this session, we will unpack the role of feedback in ones own professional growth, how to separate the underlying gift any feedback offers in one’s journey towards self-knowledge and growth from the wounding or embarrassment feedback might cause, and how to receive and integrate feedback with grace.

In the second half of this session we will practice offering feedback to others through a three-part process: by sharing concrete evidence, describing the impact and making a request or proposal.
By strengthening the muscle of both giving and receiving feedback, we grow our influence.

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